You are welcome to use any material found on this page in your efforts to further our cause.  Some ‘tools’ are great for recruiting in emails, others may be better for Social Media, and others are great material for preparing presentations.  Feel free to call our support staff, me right now, for assistance or suggestions.  (843) 957-8180

.jpg files (Pictures)

The best way to use a .jpg file is to ‘right click’ on the image, then click on ‘save image as’.  Save the image on your hard drive, and you have it to use wherever and whenever you want to.


These videos are currently on YouTube.

This 1 minute 15  > second video is a > good one to          > introduce the      > reason for S.T.A.B. to folks.

This 37 second    > video uses the    > three questions > from the Logic   > Trail.