We need a Public Opinion Army of thousands of Paul Reveres!  Before we can effectively employ most of our strategies and tactics to create massive Public Opinion about the invasion of Islam and Sharia Law into our country, we MUST have NUMBERS!





A brief explanation of the purpose and execution of the plan will be in this column.  Various ‘links’ etc. that may be helpful as tools will be accessible by clicking on the appropriate ‘link’.



We are building a Public Opinion Army comprised of Thousands of Paul Reveres!  There are three main ways to RECRUIT more Patriots to our cause: (1) Personal Contact (includes presentations at group meetings); (2) Email Campaigns; and (3) Use of Social Media.  I hope that each and every one of you are engaged in one or more of these three.

Tips for Personal Contact Recruiting –

For those you know just come right out and ask them something like, “Would you be willing to help me make sure our grand children have a chance to live in freedom from the enslavement or threat of death from Islamists?”

For strangers you can ask a question like, “Did you hear about the Canadian blogger that was fined 60,000 Canadian Dollars just for writing a blog that told the truth about what was happening to certain segments of Canadian society due to the injection of Sharia Law?”

For both it may be a good idea to have a card with your name and the website address for STAB on it. (you can have 500 such cards sent to your house for $20.00.  These are good quality cards with glossy surface.  STAB will realize @ $2.00 of the 20 for our organizational needs.)  Just fill out the form by clicking here to order yours. [this feature will be functional soon, until then just email me and we can make it happen].


is what your card would look like, with your name and contact information of course.


Tips for Email Campaigns

For Email Campaigns  –   We will be initiating them from time to time or you can start your own.  There will be some sample elements you can use in constructing your email on the resources page [I plan to get some of the tools posted soon].  If you use the campaigns we initiate, PLEASE include a short comment from you to those you forward the email to asking them to check out the links and to sign-up to help us.  If you have any questions about using an email campaign to recruit you are welcome to call me (Larry) at (843)-957-8180.


Tips for using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

When sharing a post please remember to add a quick note from you.  Your comments on the post will increase the effectiveness of the post a hundred fold, after all your friends know you, they do not know us.  Please do  not just ‘like’ a post, that does not really do anything to help steer others to our cause.  If you do like a post the best thing to do is to SHARE it WITH a note from you, or at least put something like, “I signed-up, won’t you join with us to help preserve our way of life?” in the comments, or something along those lines.  Thanks for taking the couple of extra seconds that just may recruit the one more patriot that puts us over the top.